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Escabeche de Pescado GF
chilled seared fish, roasted red peppers, garlic, onions, capers, olives, corn chips 16.5
Camarones Caribe GF/DF
chilled grilled prawns, rum infused pineapple, sweet lime/chili sauce, coriander, toasted coconut 15.5
Chipotle Calamares
tender crisp seasoned calamari, chipotle cream 14.5
Tequeñitos VG
Venezuelan mini fried pastry wrapped farmers cheese bites, guasacaca 9.5
Chili con Hongos VG/GF/DF
black bean chili, smoked mushrooms, corn chips, guasacaca 11
Brochetas de Cordero Romesco GF
bacon wrapped lamb skewers, roasted red pepper & almond sauce 14.5

Calamari DF
tender-crisp seasoned calamari, rum infused pineapple, leaf lettuce, mint, roasted red peppers, passion fruit drizzle, toasted almonds, fresh chili 20.5
Quinoa y Camarones (VG)/GF/DF
quinoa, chilled prawns, black beans, roasted corn, rum infused pineapple, roasted red peppers, leaf lettuce, chili-mango dressing, toasted coconut 20.5 
Pollo y Chorizo
marinated chicken pieces, chorizo, tortilla strips, leaf lettuce, black olives, red onion, roasted corn, house vinaigrette, special sauce 20.5

DESSERTS (Only available to Dine In Guests)
Taza de Chocolate
a rich & dense cold chocolate dessert spiced w/ cinnamon & cayenne chili, topped w/ whipped cream 9.5 or vanilla ice cream 11.5
Helado Sabroso
vanilla bean ice cream topped w/ Latin caramel or chocolate & whipped cream 9.5  1/2 size 5.5
crunchy fried puffed pastry triangles dusted w/ cinnamon sugar, served w/ chocolate, caramel or honey 9.5
Sorbete de Mango y Maracuya
a refreshing smooth & velvety sorbet w/ lime passion fruit drizzle 9.5
Pina Colada
coconut vanilla bean "nice" cream, rum infused pineapple 10.5

Sabroso Chimichanga (VG)
crispy fried creamy cheese & chicken or roasted corn filled flour tortilla, black beans, salsa, guasacaca, salad
Tostadas de Pato GF/DF
two crisp corn tortillas, confit duck, cannellini beans, mixed lettuces, roasted peppers, passionfruit drizzle, pickled onion 24.5
Tacos del Mar
Chef's daily seafood selection, grilled soft flour tortillas, cheese, salsa, salad greens, special sauce, pickled onions 22.5
Pimiento Relleno VG/GF/(DF)
roasted red pepper, quinoa, black beans, roasted corn, queso blanco, chipotle cream, salad
Cerdo Verde GF
slow roasted pork, tomatillo salsa, black beans, kumara cakes, flour tortillas 24  
Moqueca de Camaroes (GF)/DF
Brazilian inspired prawn stew (coconut cream, tomatoes, onions, capsicums, coriander) coconut rice, lime, flour tortilla 24.5
Additional menu items are available to guests who are dining in.
Sabroso Drinks Menu includes our signature margaritas, other specialty & non-alcoholic cocktails, New Zealand and South American wines, beer and soft drinks.


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